Sunday, 14 December 2008


Did my official weigh in today and total loss is now 5.4lbs. I'm quite happy with this as I have not really been trying but have simply not had ample money to over eat so have been only eating when hungry and not being frivolous.

This is over 7 or so weeks since I was recording my weight so not a huge deal. But I'm happy to be lighter than when I started!

current weight 227.4lb

Friday, 12 December 2008


not a lot to say

not a lot of money for food

lost about 0.2lb. big whoop!

chose the wrong time of year...

Thursday, 27 November 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

I weighed early. just 0.2lbs off but considering ive only been doing it a few days not so bad, If it's not going up Im happy.

Sunday, 23 November 2008

the weekend so far

It's been a bit of a lame weekend..

We (but espcially Daniel) are still getting over being sick.

Ive stuck to my points, i have 10 left and it's 8pm..not sure what they will go on yet. Probably a hot chocolate.

Its so interesting that ww here is different to home. Here its calories/fat grams/dietery fibre. In the uk it is calories/saturated fat.

Plus here you have a bulk of points to use whenever like if you go out for dinner. It's interesting!

I may weigh early this week. I chose the week of thanksgiving to begin on. Our first real one and we've been invited to a co workers house.

Saturday, 22 November 2008

Dedicated to Bryher

Well how do I start this?

I have a normal everyday blog but I knew it was time to start a blog of a different kind. All thanks to my good friend Bryher.

She has lost 5st 8.5lbs in less than a year so far. Today she posted a photo on her blog that really made me go wow. I havent seen her since July as I have moved to Charlotte in the USA and she lives in Cardiff, UK. She looks so slim. And she isn't even done yet. She has been so consistent, dedicated and determined. Today when I saw here photos I felt like I can do this too.

Weight has always been like the little black cloud over my head. I lost a fair amount for my wedding in 2002 but put it back on and more. It hurts to write that!

So here my journey begins.

I will be following weighwatchers.

Im not sure yet how open I can be about figures and facts. The one that shocked me the most is my % of body fat. To be healthy it needs to decrease by 14% minimum.

In the last few weeks i have been casually monitoring my weight. In about 4 weeks ive lost 4.2lb.
Ok. i bite the bullet. Taking my weight to 228.6lbs. :-(

Why do I want to do this?

So many reasons. Health. I feel like my husband deserves better, despite the fact he shows how much he 'likes ' me or whatever and I dont feel insecure with him. He has promised we can take dancing lessons together if I can achieve 2 stone loss or whatever I decide. Im a strictly come dancing/dancing with the stars addict! He is so supporitve but I'm sure sick of the numerous attempts I make. I want this to be the last one.

I will be doing American Weightwatchers. I have been going through the kitchen pointing things with my calcualtor this morning.

I've been under the weather but when I can I will post some before photos I guess!

So thank you this space.