Saturday, 28 November 2009


well my friends, you can see I put on this week - almost 4lbs.

I knew it would happen...of course I am disappointed but not surprised.

Tracking points today. I feel like I am bored of this plan having had it in my life so long and I am looking for new ideas of what to eat.

Off to the shop in a bit for inspiration....

Wish me luck

PS I will NOT drink starbucks hot chocolate I will NOT drink starbucks hot chocolate.

Sunday, 22 November 2009

O Christmas Tree

I love Christmas.

I decided to make myself a little Christmas incentive.

As I lose a 1lb I will add a decoration to the tree. Hopefully there will be 7 by Sat 19th Dec (we go to Chicago on the Tuesday)

Saturday, 21 November 2009

just watch...

You just watch me lose 7lbs by Christmas.

I will stick to points apart from the actual day of thanksgiving....

I will do this. Cmon people...I need some support.

Friday, 20 November 2009

you win none you lose all...

ah where to begin.

I got slack with my blogging and it is a little hard to think back.

Monday wasn't great - breakfast and lunch stuck to plan, then got home and took a nap, waking up only half an hour before going out to hear Daniel play so grabbed some veggie sticks (crisps) apple slices and I think cereal when I came home.

Tuesday...I am trying to think back....this is my punishment for not blogging it. I add it all up in notepad on the laptop...

Wednesday is where it fell apart. I got up so late I didn't eat a decent breakfast. Been so hungry (hormones) and went for a choc bar in the vending maching after school. Then went to good old panera bread. I had creamy tomato soup, mac and cheese and french bread. I also bought bagels - choc chip and apple danish bagels!

Thursday again was going fine until I slipped and hurt my knee and got taken by a staff member to urgent care to get it checked. She took me for ice cream - hot fudge Sundae.

So why am I surprised that I stayed the same? (Weigh in not til tomorrow but I had had enough and knew it wouldn't go well.)

Why does it feel like food rules my life?

Next week is Thanksgiving so that will be a washout too. I will try not to go crazy.

I am thinking after that (Nov 30) I will try fast start again.

I feel so fed up. But I know it's all on me.

Sunday, 15 November 2009

Fast start day 2 - no ish.

Today I think I have done a much better job.

B - Cereal (raisin bran) 3 points

L - soft cheese sandwich in sandwhich thins with salad 4 points
Jelly 0 and yoghurt 1.5 (no muller lights here. miss those.)

D Whole wheat pasta, with vegetables (peppers mushroom courgette onion tomatoes) and grated cheese 8 points

2 raspberry ice bars 3 points

Glass milk 1 point

apple slices 1/2 point

thats 21 points so may well have a little more apple.

nighty night!

Fast Start Day 1...ish.

Breakfast - bagel 4 points

Lunch egg and sprinkle of cheese sandwich in sandwich thins I posted about... 5.5

Dinner ermmm

housewarming party....

crackers (ritz) x 6 and 6 pieces cheese (matchbox size) 1 slice of banana bread, 1 rice crispy square (homemade) pepsis not diet.

Cereal when I got home. 3.5

Now, I don't know how many points that is!

But I don't see any fruit or veg. OOOPs.

And I need to drink more water.

Saturday, 14 November 2009


stayed the same, could be worse!!!

Friday, 13 November 2009

cmon cmon cmon cmon take that! (and party)

ok, so I am going to do fast start which means dropping to 22 points for the week.

I did some grocery shopping tonight and I got bagels, jelly, yoghurt, bread thins (see pic) whole weat pasta, some fresh veggies to go with the pasta, eggs, (I used to HATE eggs, love em now) some veggie protein for sandwiches and jacket potatoes.

I need to get some fruit too I guess, will probably do that at a different store though.

The tough part for me is how my day is....

breakfast is at 6am...lunch at school is 10.20am. so then when I get home - 3 - 4pm I am usuallly needing a snack! I usually eat dinner around 7pm and bed by to I combat the snacking?

Fast start seems to be based on 3 meals a day....

Sunday, 8 November 2009

The road is long....

This week I put on 1.4lbs.

Do I know why, I hear you ask?

Uh yes

Did I write anything down? Nope

Did I exercise? Nope

Did I eat out more than once? Yep

Did I get teary looking at rolls of fat in the changing room? Yep

You know guys, I am starting to think that I don't have it in me.

The week begins and I literally forget or neglect what I am supposed to be doing.

I know, it is all on me. My responsibility. My decisions.

I will keep trying. I have to keep trying.