Thursday, 30 July 2009

Back to Life, Back to Reality

Well the parents and brother flew home yesterday. I hate saying is harder to separate my life here from them now - mentally I mean.

I keep looking for them in the pool or when I'm doing the grocery shop.

I've eaten out countelss times. Ech. Gotta get on scales.

Kind of an NSV even though I havent really lost any weight, I bought a 2 piece swim suit on our trip to the beach, the bottoms has a built in skirt to give my lumps a bit of modesty! I don't think I have work a two piece bathing suit in a long time. When we went to the beach in June I wore board shorts and a t shirt to cover up. I just felt like this one suited me so I didn't feel fat wearing it.

I just had to put the picture onto weight view, which takes 50lbs off the photo. Here is the result.
WOW! I want to look like that next beach season... I think it is in my capabilities but I need to be so so focused.

Saturday, 18 July 2009

weigh in 4

Start Weight 237lbs BMI 38.2

Weigh in 1 June 27th 234.2lbs BMI 37.8 loss 2.8lbs

Weigh in 2 July 3rd
233.8 lbs loss 0.4lbs

Weigh in 3 July 10th
235.4lbs Gain 1.6lbs

Weigh in 4 July 18th 234.6lbs Loss 0.8lbs

Total loss 2.4 lbs

Not a biggie but glad the numbers are going down. It has been not quite as much eating out but with my parents offering to pay all the time, I have found it hard to refuse.

I have not counted points but I have def not over eaten. I'm disappointed I haven't had the determination I wanted to get through this few weeks while I have my family here but truthfully I'm glad this week was a loss of some sort.

I still have that overall determination but the situations I'm in are not making it easy. All the Cadbury's has been shared and eaten so at least that is done and dusted!

This week will see my birthday and a two night trip to the beach so here we go again!

Friday, 10 July 2009

Weigh in 3

I knew it would not be good but I want to at leas continue to see this through.

Start Weight 237lbs BMI 38.2

Weigh in 1 June 27th 234.2lbs BMI 37.8 loss 2.8lbs

Weigh in 2 July 3rd
233.8 lbs loss 0.4lbs
Weigh in 10 July 235.4lbs Gain 1.6lbs
Total loss 1.6lbs

It's ok. I've eaten out twice with desert. I've eaten many many fudge bars and Dairy Milk. But it Shared it as much as possible with others to minimise the damage.

Truthfully having family here is stressful I love them and I'm so happy to see them but they are staying in my apartment while we stay with awesome friends. There are too many peoples habits and routines clashing. As of now they don't have a car so I have to drive them anywhere they want to go. It is draining...they are here for 3 more weeks and have been here for one already.

Off to the Mall with them shortly. Have a good day.

Saturday, 4 July 2009

the only way is up

so far so bad...

went out for dinner to celebrate my parents arriving here in the USA. I had steak, chicken fingers, mashed potato and a brownie with ice cream.

They brought cadbury's. So far I have had a few fudge bars and a few dairy milk squares.

It won't be like this all the time...they are here for over 3 weeks and none of us can afford to always eat out! But still....I haven't thought about points in the last 24 hours. Hmm.

Friday, 3 July 2009

wI week 2

Start Weight 237lbs BMI 38.2

Weigh in 1 June 27th 234.2lbs BMI 37.8 loss 2.8lbs

Weigh in 2 July 3rd
233.8 lbs BMI loss 0.4lbs

Total loss 3.2lbs

Not a lot to sing and dance about but with totm on it's way it's ok.

When I did WW for my wedding I was always high loss one week low loss next week.

Not much time to write as meeting the family at the airport in a few hours and still some things to sort out.

Thursday, 2 July 2009

Help! I need somebody help!

Today I feel so hungry.

I think it is hormones. I hope it is only hormones and I haven't lost my motivation.

My parents arrive tomorrow and I think they brought me some Cadbury's. We can't get it over here. I haven't seen them for almost a year. I know they will be in holiday mode. Well I think so.

I feel torn right now between letting go and enjoying the time with my parents and staying on track. I could hear those little voices while I was in the supermarket....

Just forget a chocolate won't hurt....

I didn't and I'm not forgetting it. I'm just. Scared!