Wednesday, 31 March 2010

less of a fat day

Today my jim jams were wet from being washed (stupid crappy laundry room dryer) so I tried on a pair the in-laws sent at Christmas - little miss naughty black 3/4 bottoms and a vest top. At Christmas they were too tight too wear and I kinda put them in a drawer real quick pretending I wasn't upset. (pre ww) well now the bottoms are comfy! Not exactly baggy and show my figure - not very forgiving - but hey they feel good. So that was encouraging today.

Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Having A Fat Day

I'm feeling kinda rubbish today. Getting in the shower earlier I was looking in the mirror. I just don't know if I will ever be happy with my body. Today I don't feel like I have lost 12lbs. I know I have, my trousers/pants are looser, I will need new jeans soon as I can take them off without undoing them and the slip down a bit when I am wearing them.

I hate my stomach the most. What to do?

Saturday, 27 March 2010

money money money

I needed to get some thoughts here I go.

Basically we have had a rough time financially...we paid for our flights home to the UK...expedia took forever taking the payment but on the day they did take it, to cut a long story short, the flights got taken first and then every transaction I had made over the weekend got charged a fee of $35 each, and there were 6 transactions. I spent the week on the phone playing phone tag with the bank and getting passed on from person to person. Finally I got someone who was willing to refun about half the charges which was better than nothing at this point. With the extra tutoring I had done this month I would at least be on an even keel again.

Daniel had been paid last week so I had been carrying his card around to pay for stuff. Well I only managed to use the wrong card to pay for milk, getting us another charge. I feel so so stupid and so sorry.

In haste, I canceled my ww account.(I am paid up to April 14th) Firstly because I didn't want the payment to give us another charge and because I wanted to make up for my mistake. We are desperately trying to save for our return to the UK and we were hoping to visit Seattle before we go. Everything seems like it is against us.

I am tax free (do not pay tax on my wages) other than FICA which I have paid since Jan 2010. I can claim this back though but not until next year I believe. This totals over $1500.

We have to get our taxes done next week which isn't cheap either. I'm hoping and thinking D may claim back at least the cost of the preparation. We are not allowed to file online as non resident aliens. I can't claim anything back as i don't pay it in the first place.

So all these things seem to be against me financially...and I am mad at myself for a silly mistake.

I want to be able to afford to keep on with ww. My scales are usually weighing me at 1.2lbs lighter than wws but they do seem to drop accordingly.

I love....tracking online, the people at my meeting, my leader who knows me more personally now, and the boost it gives me to go. I like getting stickers and rewards. I'm hoping to be able to reinstate my membership.

So all in all kind of on a downer. :-(


Today I got my 5% (12lbs total). I lost 2.2lbs taking my overall loss to 12.6lbs. I am chuffed. Only thing I am not chuffed about is I had set this as my goal online so I got the whole 'you got to goal message' and it will not let me reset my goal now I have reached it. Which is irritating me greatly.

Edited to add - I got around by making my weight higher, changing the goal, then logging the actual weight again!

Money has been tight due to a whole bunch of reasons so probably has contributed to my loss this week as everything had to be planned out and budgeted and I don't have money to go buy whatever I fancy.

Here's to next week...then I am off to San Francisco...hmm. How to avoid putting on there? Ideas?

Saturday, 20 March 2010

week 8 weigh in

Loss 2.6lbs

Total Loss 10.4lbs

Finally a result I am happy with.

Saturday, 13 March 2010

some pics

My Weigh in Book

And a couple of mirror photos...

Weigh in week 7

Today I lost 0.6lbs. Yep, that's it. At least it was a loss I guess.

Current Weight 233.4lbs (16st 9.4)

I made a decision today to stop binging at the weekend - every weekend I buy chocolate or something like that I eat eat eat. This weekend I am not doing that. I hope it will make a difference.

Only made it to the gym once again. My life is so hectic. 3 more weeks of after school tutoring and I will be more free after school to go more often. This week I am going to go on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday and on one of these days I want to try a swim and of course follow it with the jacuzzi.

I went to Aldi today (had forgotten how cheap it can be) and bought all this for $13..4 yogurts, wholeweat pasta, cereal, pasta sauce, sweetcorn, kidney beans, stewed tomatoes, bag of apples, strawberries, rice cakes...I think that's it. The flights home took it out of us a bit this month, well it would have if expedia had actually taken the payment correctly but that is another story!

Staying to the meeting definitely helped me stay motivated. A woman there today had lost 20lbs in 7 weeks, I was like why can't that be me?!

I'm also re reading diet girl for the third time. So inspiring and funny.

Thursday, 11 March 2010


Is this such a struggle?

I must be doing something wrong.

Saturday, 6 March 2010

:-( put on

1.4lbs on. I was quite surprised it was that much. I am very down about it but have to be analytical to figure out what to do next.

1. It is that time of the month approaching

2. Ate too many pastries at a French Bakery - but that was a week ago.

3. One or two days I didn't track just counted in my head.

4. Didn't make it to the gym once this week. Did just dance on the wii though.

5. My week had been completely chaotic and exhausting and a complete whirlwind.

6.I'm not happy with how slow my weight loss is at average 1lb a week.

what to do?