Sunday, 30 May 2010


Went to WI this week and put on 0.6lbs. To be honest I probably deserved worse after last weekend drinking 9 million full fat cokes and eating like 11 pound cake slices. Add that together with a couple of days without tracking - one because I went straight from school to see Wicked the musical, and was out of the house from 6am to 11pm straight.

I know, I know, I can't expect results when being half assed. I'm so over being stuck around the 12 - 13lb loss. I feel like I'm failing all over again.

All I can do is keep trying. Busy week this week with my Kindergarten classes graduation plus getting cleaned up for the end of school. I have 2 official weigh ins left, until my monthly pass runs out and no point really renewing it as we will be in Seattle and then have only one week before we fly home.

Here is a pic of me at a Baby Shower this week, I thought I actually looked thinner. Disappointing when the scales don't match but I have no one to blame but me.

Also looking for some new vegetarian recipes as I am BORED of my current routine. And preferably cheap as possible. Any ideas?

Sunday, 23 May 2010

First things first. I did not go to weigh in this week. I know, shame on me. We went to watch Cardiff City attempt (and sadly fail) to get into the premier league. What? I hear you say? Not good enough? Well if you knew my husband it was a good enough reason. I am so very sad and disappointed for him and for me too, I had got really into it and will continue to support the bluebirds.

I did weigh on my own scales and they showed a loss of 1lb. There are 3 more weigh ins for me, as one week we are in Seattle. It could be 4 if i weigh on June 26th, 2 days before we go back to the UK for good. Well, nothing is for good - for a while! I want to continue in the UK - probably with the US plan because the calculator I have is for the US plan. Don't think I can afford to join a meeting in the UK as I won't have a job though I hope to get some summer supply work in nurseries or something. I am really condireing posting my scales home as I like that they weigh to .1 of a lb.

Immediately following the match was Daniel's leaving party with his colleagues and friends from hi work, and I have to say food galore. There were pizzas (homemade by Daniel) pastas, veggie burgers (they did a veggie theme just for us) pineapple pudding, and cherry pound cake. I also drank a lot of cans of coke (3 points each here!) and ate my heart out so to speak. It was a lovely event but I must now get on track and I have been baaaad. And also they gave us the cokes as they don't drink them and they are all sitting in my fridge! ARGH!

I have so much to do, both at home and at school. Its about 5 weeks to go and much to get done with the apartment and so on.

Here are some pics from the leaving do.

pound cake

Saturday, 15 May 2010

Keep running up that road, keep running up that hill

This week I Lost 2lbs, taking me to 228.2lbs (16st 4.2lbs) and my joint lowest weigh since I began. I was secretly hoping I would get my lowest weigh and usurp my previous one but it was not to be.

My week...

1. I have tracked every day except one, but in my head I was pretty sure I was ok...

2. I went to the gym once - I have been unwell all week with either a cold/allergies which have really taken to my chest. It was a struggle at the gym because my chest really hurt.

3. Went out for dinner once to Jason's deli. At first I was thinking..mmm the portobella mushroom pasta...but being the smart cookie that I am, I checked the nutritional values and at 945 calories, 64g fat and 13g or fiber it was 23 points. Ummmm no. So I had the salad bar, mostly 0 point veg, no dressing, couple of table spoons of potato salad and pasta salad, a few nuts/dried fruit etc. I'm glad I checked first!

4. I had some lovely encouragement this week. Firstly, my husband Daniel sent me a sweet email, telling me how pretty I am and how much I deserve success at this. Also a colleague said to me 'How much weight have you lost?' Not even 'have you lost weight?' But HOW MUCH HAVE you lost? So both compliments really touched me.

How has your week been?

Saturday, 8 May 2010

Since you've been gone...

I managed a loss this week of 1.4lbs. I was excited midweek because my scales were showing an awesome loss to be proud of. I guess I shouldn't weigh mid week. I can only think that as we went out last night too much diet coke was still in my system, and usually Friday night I am in bed so early which may have thrown me off.

My magic loss number to feel really happy is 2lbs...I don't know why, it just sounds good to me.

At least I'm back in double figures with an 11lb loss, but not up to my 5% again (12lbs) or my highest loss (13lbs). I have 6/7 weigh ins left and I would love it if I could get my 10% of 24lbs before we fly home to the UK. Might be a tall order though considering the way things have gone for me. I'm trying not to focus too hard on where I wish I was by now. It's depressing.

I am feeling awful suffering badly with allergies which are in turn giving me sinus problems. I feel really crappy.

Here are some inlaw visit photos for you...

Saturday, 1 May 2010

weigh in

so i gained 2lbs. I'll take it. On track with a vengeance.