Sunday, 18 July 2010

movin' on up!

I have moved...

Wednesday, 14 July 2010

my life is just a slow train crawlling up a hill...

So my first weigh in last night and I lost half a pound at weigh in which I was ok about...right before weigh in I got on the scales in the house which showed I had put on 3 and a half! Apparently I had them in the wrong place where the floor is not even because on my return they did match the meetings ones.

I'm exhausted from commuting to London every day to teach. I'm very thankful to have work but it is a very long day, getting up at 5.30am or a bit later to get train after train. So far I haven't got lost at least! The earliest I get home is 5pm so a very long day traveling and commuting for me. It should be worth it though to have some money!!

Sunday, 11 July 2010

There's always gonna be another mountain...

I am a bit down today, mostly over money and jobs. I'm thrilled to have a job for September, but in the mean time I need things to start happening for us.

I don't know when we will hear about Daniel's interview or how to proceed next if he doesn't get it.

I know we will never go hungry and will always have a roof over our heads but we still need to pay some bills. We both feel a bit stifled right now. We can't really do much, go out and have fun or be as free as we would like.

I am really hoping my agency gets me work all week which would be enough to keep us going. If they don't I may have to sign up with another agency.

This is all.

Thursday, 8 July 2010

I hear Jerusalem bells are ringing...

Good morning all. In good news I got a job for September! It was quite a crazy day, as I was on the train going to my interview at one school, my agency called and asked me to go straight to another one when I was finished. To say I got a bit flustered would be an understatement! However I went, and it turned out to be the better option for me. I liked the first school but they offered me a maternity cover, the second was for the full year with a view to being permanent in the future.

I will be teaching in the Early Years unit, with a mixed Nursery/Reception class but only as my focus group, it is operating as an Early Years Unit and so a lot of free flow going on between rooms and outdoor areas. I'm excited but need to get some income for the immediate time, hopefully some supply next week.

Daniel has an interview also but we won't know for a few days on that one.

Onto ww and I must admit I'm finding it a struggle to get back in the zone. Especially as I'm not working and the kitchen is so close by! I will keep going though.

I hear

Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Don't Stop Believing...

Weight watchers scales weighed me at 16 st 4 1/2 which is good by me, especially as I usually weigh in the morning.

Day one today. All I have had so far is 2 cups of tea and wholemeal toast and spread.

The meeting was ok, interesting to be in a little church hall again after the official weigh watchers centre in the US. Leader was nice, pretty down to earth.

I'm so nervous about our job interviews tomorrow I already feel sick - I know I am a great teacher but I get really worked up about interviews....

Tuesday, 6 July 2010

London Rain

Well I wish there had been rain in London but no such luck. I am, however, enjoying the breeze.

Bryher, my fan base of one, this is for you...

So, yes, here we are. Back in the UK. In Petts Wood, Kent to be precise. My parents are kindly looking after us while we hunt for jobs. We both have interviews on Thursday so I'm really hoping they amount to good things. I haven't been paid since May so....we need income!

Our flight was a little crazy - being the money savers that we are, we went Charlotte to Boston, to Reykjavik to London. Spent all night in an Icelandic airport. I ate TUNA FISH. First animal I have eaten since August. Since then I ate it a few more times, now I've gone off it again. The photo above is us in Iceland.

My Mum has really kindly got me a monthly pass until I can afford it myself. She has a few pounds to lose for their imminent fly - drive to Florida at the end of the month. So tonight I go to my first meeting here.

My Mum's scales are weighing me at 16st 5. I am pleasantly surprised by this. When I weighed after Seattle I was 228lbs (16st4) and that was morning time when my body was empty. My meeting is tonight so I am not used to weighing in the evening which is bothering me a bit. But hey ho just get on with it I guess!

Us in Vancouver

Will let you know how it goes later....