Saturday, 29 August 2009

weight in 8...finally

finally a result I like.

current weigh 332.8lbs loss 3.2lbs


This could be for many reasons

Limited cash has meant only buying exactly what we need.

Maybe the vegetarian thing is working...

My Nan passed away so felt less like eating.

I'm back at school which is exhausting and prob burning more calories than I was sitting at home all summer.

Saturday, 15 August 2009

weigh in 7

236lbs - put a 1lb on. Not unexpected as I ate a whole lot of crisps. or chips for the American's.

D and I are going veggie for a month to see how it affects our health and general well being.

I was vegetarian when I was a teen.

This is all for today.

I'm actually looking forward to getting back to work. I am burning no calories laying in bed all day long.

Saturday, 8 August 2009

Weigh in 6

Weigh in 1st August 235.6lbs Gain 1lb

Weigh in 8th August 235lbs loss 0.6lbs

Total loss 2lbs

Ok, so it's not that awesome. But I'm always glad when the scales go down not up.

This week has not been the best...I had some days where I counted points all day and then got hungry and ate pop tarts or something.

I also had 12 points of Hershey Bar on Sunday.

On Thursday I couldn't be bothered to make much so I ate A LOT of toast. Too many carbs.

But hey, a loss is a loss, and I have to keep plodding on.

I'm still focusing on points, not adding anything else in just yet.

Tuesday, 4 August 2009

things...can only get better....

Well my hunger seems to have improved muchly, I have been sticking to the points.

Right now I have next to me a plate of apple and grapes. I love the apple slicer I bought. For some reason I don't like biting into apple whole. I used to sit with a sharp little knife and slice them up but oh no, now I have this.

It makes my apple eating much more enjoyable.

I'm also addicted to lemon sorbet - or sherbert as they call it here. It is sooo yummy, and 2 points per serving. It is like eating lemon flavor ice cream. So refreshing.

Going into school tomorrow even though our official work days don't begin until 2 weeks today. Going to be getting the furniture in order as it all gets taken out so the floors can be waxed.

Hopefully I can just keep sticking to it. I feel like I have so far to go. I have been looking at some old pictures today that I had uploaded to photobox. I hae out on so muh weight since I got married. I want it to be gone. It's a long road ahead.

Sunday, 2 August 2009

hey there Delliah...

hmmm not the best start...

I kinda picked a bad time to jump on the wagon...TOTM of course. I feel so hungry and have been craving chocolate which I'm afraid to say I gave into. I bought Hershey's with Almonds.

I think I found a good solution albeit too late - grapes. I hve always loved grapes. My nan used to take me to the local market and offer to buy me sweets, like a pic n mix but I would ask for my own bag of grapes. Strange child! I can remember sitting on the bus home eating them.

I think the sugar content is high so I will have to be careful. But they will be my 'go to' food for now. Pointed of course!

Saturday, 1 August 2009

weigh in 5

Start Weight 237lbs BMI 38.2

Weigh in 1 June 27th 234.2lbs BMI 37.8 loss 2.8lbs

Weigh in 2 July 3rd
233.8 lbs loss 0.4lbs

Weigh in 3 July 10th
235.4lbs Gain 1.6lbs

Weigh in 4 July 18th 234.6lbs Loss 0.8lb

Weigh in 1st August 235.6lbs Gain 1lb

Total Loss 1.4lbs

Somewhere in the running I have messed up the weigh ins, I know I haven't missed that many. Ah well.

I did weigh in last week at 237 - I didn' t record it here - I just couldn't deal with blogging about being back up to my start weight. I wish I had now, so I could feel a sense of achievement. Ah well.

1.4lbs is kinda pathetic...I can't count the number of times we ate out while my parents were here..I almost always had steak, fried chicken, mashed potatoes and a brownie and ice cream. I had McDonalds more than once, didn't exercise at all really.

But now, here I am, I have to say a little half heatedly - only because I am out of routine. The good part is I can't afford to eat all that stuff - my parents always paid.

I'm going to try to add in something to focus on each week - this week my only aim is to record what I eat and stick to the old points. Then I will begin to add in water intake etc.