Thursday, 8 July 2010

I hear Jerusalem bells are ringing...

Good morning all. In good news I got a job for September! It was quite a crazy day, as I was on the train going to my interview at one school, my agency called and asked me to go straight to another one when I was finished. To say I got a bit flustered would be an understatement! However I went, and it turned out to be the better option for me. I liked the first school but they offered me a maternity cover, the second was for the full year with a view to being permanent in the future.

I will be teaching in the Early Years unit, with a mixed Nursery/Reception class but only as my focus group, it is operating as an Early Years Unit and so a lot of free flow going on between rooms and outdoor areas. I'm excited but need to get some income for the immediate time, hopefully some supply next week.

Daniel has an interview also but we won't know for a few days on that one.

Onto ww and I must admit I'm finding it a struggle to get back in the zone. Especially as I'm not working and the kitchen is so close by! I will keep going though.

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