Saturday, 19 September 2009

here we go again

I don't want to fly again and feel like I just about fit in the seat. The 747 was ok but the airbus was cramped and I felt uncomfortable and embarassed.

I want to return to the UK in July a lot lighter.

I want to show that I DO value my health hugely. Actions should speak louder than words.

Watch this space.

Just remembered I forgot to weigh this morning, will do it tomorrow.

Ate a lot of chocolate and pizza at home. Have one Dairy Milk bar left to finish. When it's gone, the points I must count, because I can't be like this anymore.

I went to visit Bryher while I was home. It was great to see her in real life as she lost a lot of weight since I last saw her and looks great. Check her out ...

Here we are..look at my roll of fat...I hate it!

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Anonymous said...

It was lovely to see you.