Sunday, 5 April 2009

here's to Bryher

If I haven't said it before, please check out my friend Bryher's blog.

This weekend she was featured in 'fabulous' magazine that comes with the news of the world. I'm hugely proud of her and starting to think I should put more effort into this blog and it might help me.

Her blog is and you can see the finished article there.

I guess I'm actually quite relieved this week to have not put on. But 10.4lbs in all this time is not great.
People do seem to be noticing, especially parents at school which is nice, but think how much better I could do if I was really trying!?

This is what I think I will do.

As it is Spring Break, I'm going to go out and buy some bottled water. And drink it!

As a teacher it is hard to 1) find the time to remember to drink water and 2) it is difficult at times to get to use the bathroom the day is so full. I'm hoping if I can make it a habit this week I can figure out a way to keep it going.

Secondly I have no excuses for not going the the gym. So this is a big one for me. I'm going to try to do SOMETHING in the gym from Monday - Friday this week. Even if it is just running for 15mins.

I think I need to use this blog kind of to be accountable.

I have to be honest, living here is very much about eating out. Not just junk/fast food but restaurants and all that stuff. I like to go out when I can afford to but I will have to try to control this if I can.

So, I will try to update tomorrow as to how it is all going.


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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the mention!

I reckon you are right, try and use the blog a bit more and it may just help you out with the acountability bit.

Water drinking is something you'll get used to, as is the peeing. I started off and it was like "drink a pint, pee a pint, drink a pint, etc." Which was annoying to start with but it has settled down now.

I too love to eat out and think I'd probably struggle in America too. We only ever go out when we have enough money and I think because we plan a week's worth of meals and then buy food for them we tend to see it as a shame if we ditch our plans one night and go out instead. I do find myself thinking about eating out a bit too much sometimes though!

Its good that some people are noticing, and even if it is "only 10.something pounds", at least that little bit has gone and its a good start. Keep going, I'm right behind you!