Monday, 6 April 2009

spring Break Day 1

Well it wasn't really spring break as it was a work day in school.

I managed to leave into to catch a shoing of the movie 'the wrestler' - snack free. We went to subway for lunch before hand and i had had a bagel for breakfast so not doing too bad at all.

I managed to stick to my exercise and water bid,, went out to buy the water last night. I got 24 0.5l bottles I find it much more likely that I will drink it in this way. I have a bottle beside me right now!

I went by the gym in our apartments but it was pretty busy (only one treadmill) so I jogged/walked around the apartments for a little while.

I'm glad I did it, it turned out I left my debit cad at the postal office today so I had to go back for it and really didn't feel like going out AGAIN to exercise but I didn't want to write here that i failed on day 1!

Tomorrow I don't know what the plans are yet but I want to get the exercise part put of the way sooner rather than later.

Bye for now

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Anonymous said...

Well done - that's a lot of water!

Brilliant that you've got the accountability of the blog :o)