Saturday, 5 June 2010

down, but not out.

Hi all. Yes, 2 posts in one day. What HAS come over me?

After weigh in and posting I was planning my 'no one will know about this - it's Saturday - I will make up for it later chocolate.' However you will all be pleased to know this never happened.

I went to my favorite food inspiration - Trader Joes - which is a partly organic, whole food store with many many good meatless products and awesome stuff in general. It was time for a change from Aldi - my routine of meals from there had become a bore to me. I was inspired. I did not buy any chocolate. I may not have long left of the journey here in the states but it WILL continue in the UK. Probably on the US plan. I can't figure out why they are different. Why is is sat fat in the UK and total fat grams here? Why does fiber have a positive effect on points here but not in the UK? I don't know.

Anyway here is what I bought...

It includes sour dough bread (oh San Francisco how I miss you - great sour dough bakery there), meatless chicken strips, meatless meatballs, kettle chips (sweet and salt mix, yet to try them), organic apple slices, quinoa , wholewheat pizza dough, some fruit and organic cereal bars, wholewheat pasta and vodka pasta sauce. I feel refreshed and renewed and no longer bored. Yay. I will keep going.


Anonymous said...

Well done :o) That sounds like a great mix of new things to try - its really good to get out of our routine sometimes! Sounds like you've got a better attitude about it all now than you were earlier!

Anonymous said...

2 posts in one day and then none for a month! What are your WW plans now that you are back in the UK?

Kit said...

no one but you is really reading or getting involved Bryher. I am going to ww here tomorrow I think.