Saturday, 7 February 2009

Weigh in 5

Current weight 222.4lbs
Loss 0.6lbs
Total loss 10.2lbs

I got lucky here. From my very naughty (sorry Bryher) peaks on the scales it looked like a gain, but turned out not to be.

Last weekend we had subway, and papa johns pizza! I haven't even made it to the gym once. I've been unwell, so busy, all the excuses you could think ok I had!

Last night (Friday) we went to one of our favorite places to eat, Macs. Its a bbq restaurant (different meaning of bbq to UK) and every time we go we have the same thing. We always say we will try something different but never do! We have the 'little bit of everything' platter which has bbq meat kinda all shreaded up, a chicken quater, 2 different types of ribs and 2 sides. My sides last night were fries and potatoe salad. It is amazing and if you visit me I WILL take you there!

So yeah, got luck really. Glad to have hit the 10lb mark, now going for the first stone.


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Anonymous said...

A good week overall then.. Your mission for this week is to ask D to hide your scales until your next official WI.