Sunday, 1 February 2009

UK V USA results

wow. I'm really confused here. Today I decided to write down the points for both USA and UK weight watchers. They are different in the sense that the UK works off calories and Sat fat and the USA works off cals, total cals from fat and dietary fiber grams. The results have really shocked and confused me.

Here they are.

points allowed 29 points allowed 24

4 cornflakes with milk 2.5

4 quaker oats cereal bar 1.5

4 fresh bread 3

6 pretzel 4

0 salad 0

3 chicken 1.5

4 bread 3

4 honey mustard dressing 1

1 remaining 8.5 remaining

I'm not sure what this means for me or what to do and which one to follow. Why are they so different? Surely USA and UK bodies cant be that different. I should add though on USA WW you have the option to use 35 points through the week to eat out etc. They are optional.

I'm so confused.

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