Saturday, 21 February 2009

Weigh ins 6 and 7 (6 revisited)

I was just too embarrassed to write about last week.

I mean I knew it was bad but didn't think as bad as it was.

Weigh in 6 (last week)

Current Weight - 225.6lbs
GAIN 3.6 lbs.
Total Loss 7.2lbs

this number made me much less happier than 10.2lbs

Yuck. Ok. I know i got taken out for a meal and didn't write anything down and didn't go to the gym so i deserved it.

I was really mad at myself. The comment from the parent of a child in my class saying 'Oh you have lost weight' made me feel good. It inspired me to want more people to notice.

Weigh in 7 (this week)
Current Weight 224lbs
Loss this week 1.6lbs
Total loss 8.8lbs

Not so bad. I definitely do much better, as my Mother observed, when I am broke and can't afford to buy junk food. Even low calorie junk food like my good old hershey's sticks I can eat the whole box! (9 points).

Well then this week should be easy. A week to payday and due to my internet company messing up and my bank too, I have no money until then!

I want to get back into double figures very badly.

I want my family to go 'wow'! When they get off the play here in Charlotte at the beginning of July.

I want people to notice.

I want to be healthier.

Hopefully it will be a good week.


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jay670120 said...

Don't let bad weeks get you down , i remembered when i was trying to loose weight it was difficult at times. Just think you are lighter than you were when you started and if you hadn't been trying you could of been putting on pounds every week xx Well done for keep going thats what i think xx