Tuesday, 4 August 2009

things...can only get better....

Well my hunger seems to have improved muchly, I have been sticking to the points.

Right now I have next to me a plate of apple and grapes. I love the apple slicer I bought. For some reason I don't like biting into apple whole. I used to sit with a sharp little knife and slice them up but oh no, now I have this.

It makes my apple eating much more enjoyable.

I'm also addicted to lemon sorbet - or sherbert as they call it here. It is sooo yummy, and 2 points per serving. It is like eating lemon flavor ice cream. So refreshing.

Going into school tomorrow even though our official work days don't begin until 2 weeks today. Going to be getting the furniture in order as it all gets taken out so the floors can be waxed.

Hopefully I can just keep sticking to it. I feel like I have so far to go. I have been looking at some old pictures today that I had uploaded to photobox. I hae out on so muh weight since I got married. I want it to be gone. It's a long road ahead.

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