Friday, 4 December 2009

decisions decisions

ok blog readers. I have some thoughts to share with you.

Really feel like giving up for Christmas, and just enjoying the season and the red cups (man I'm mad at the inventor of starbucks) and all that goes with it.

I will be weighing tomorrow and taking it from there. I am not sure what to do. I feel like everything is a whirl wind.

I know I haven't done too badly this week but have I tracked everything? NO?! It is like non stop from A to B in my life but I guess I have no excuses. Could have done better.

I am also decided that I think attending a meeting here may be a very good idea. There is one 5 minutes from my house and the offical Charlotte Weight Watchers center (no I am not kidding) at 10am on a Saturday which would be perfect.

I feel like I need a kick up the backside and I am realising the only time I have REALLY done this well is when I attended meetings back in 2002.

Plus the US version of weight watchers is a little different, it counts calories, calories from fat and dietry fiber which is interesting. I already have the calculator and maybe, as Bryher said, I would be less complacent about it all if I didn't know the program so well.

I plan to begin attending meetings Saturday Jan 2nd. The monthly pass includes free etools and is $40 per month - or 25 pounds a week.. Not sure how that relates to the UK monthly pass?

The biggest question is how to handle everything in the mean time...

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Anonymous said...

Hmmmm, the WW monthly pass in the UK is £17.95 so a little cheaper than America (I'd suggest you should come home but I know you are having quite a good time out there)!!

It is up to you really if you wait until after Christmas, I suppose when you go to your first meeting it could be a clean start rather than having done some already...