Monday, 28 December 2009


ok, so I was looking at getting the monthly pass, when I relaised that it says on the WW USA site...

PLEASE NOTE: Your Monthly Pass will automatically renew each month until you cancel. You will be charged up to 15 days prior to your renewal date at the standard monthly fee (currently $39.95, plus tax for Connecticut) to ensure you receive your new Monthly Pass card on time.

So I am reading it, this means that I will pay twice within one month. I'm not sure I can do that! That's $80 in one month.

What to do. Hmm. I could start a little later than planned, so the next payment will be from the next paycheck if you see what I mean.

Hmmph. Not happy.


Anonymous said...

that's so rubbish! It would be pants to start later but I can understand not wanting to lose $80 in one month. Is there any way to pay for a month at a time at meetings over there?

Kit said...

it is the same in the UK according to the info on the UK site!!

PicklesandPlums said...

Im monthly pass and don't recall paying 2 fees in the first unemployed so id of remembered if id of had to do that....I do know you dont get any free weeks, say for holidays and a friend of mine said she had a hell of a time cancelling it when she left....she ended up having to totally close her debit card account.

But on the plus side it does motavate you to go every week....because you know if you dont your wasting money.