Tuesday, 6 July 2010

London Rain

Well I wish there had been rain in London but no such luck. I am, however, enjoying the breeze.

Bryher, my fan base of one, this is for you...

So, yes, here we are. Back in the UK. In Petts Wood, Kent to be precise. My parents are kindly looking after us while we hunt for jobs. We both have interviews on Thursday so I'm really hoping they amount to good things. I haven't been paid since May so....we need income!

Our flight was a little crazy - being the money savers that we are, we went Charlotte to Boston, to Reykjavik to London. Spent all night in an Icelandic airport. I ate TUNA FISH. First animal I have eaten since August. Since then I ate it a few more times, now I've gone off it again. The photo above is us in Iceland.

My Mum has really kindly got me a monthly pass until I can afford it myself. She has a few pounds to lose for their imminent fly - drive to Florida at the end of the month. So tonight I go to my first meeting here.

My Mum's scales are weighing me at 16st 5. I am pleasantly surprised by this. When I weighed after Seattle I was 228lbs (16st4) and that was morning time when my body was empty. My meeting is tonight so I am not used to weighing in the evening which is bothering me a bit. But hey ho just get on with it I guess!

Us in Vancouver

Will let you know how it goes later....


Anonymous said...

Good to hear from you - having one fan is better than none! That's lovely of your mum to get you a monthly pass :o)

Did you have Tuna as that was the only thing avaliable then?

Kit said...

no, just fancied it!