Saturday, 31 January 2009

Weigh in 4

Current Weight 223lbs

This weeks loss 1lb

Total Loss 9.8lbs

I did weigh a day early this week as Friday was pay day and were were planning to either eat out or order in. We don't do that so often these days!

This makes me under the last stone mark that I was at! Though being in America I really do think in pounds. I love that my scales are so precise and measure your weight to 0.1 of a lb.

I have enjoyed this week as I was able to get some money from my UK account and bought mainly fruit, yogurt and jacket potato! It made such a difference to how satisfied I had felt and it was nice not to be overloaded with carbs!

Now pay day has arrived and we did a big shop at Walmart. I am proud to say I did not buy anything I shouldn't have! I was tempted by the Hersheys kisses. I know how many points they are and I could easily fit them in to my points but I didn't buy them! I just knew I would start sneaking them and not counting them so I stuck to stuff for meals and fruit ang yoghurt and low fat cereal bars.

I even made a plan for the week of the meals we are having!
They may move around the days but that doesn't matter!

- spaghetti bolegnese (made from scratch) 10 points
- Chicken Salad - 5 points (might add pasta might not, if I do will be more like 8 points)
- noodles and stir fry Veg - 8 points
- Fries in butties (yes I know but I count them for the points, they are low fat) 10 points
- Mac and cheese - 7 points

I know you are thinking this is not 7 days worht but some will be repeated or we may have jacket potatoes.

Most days this will be followed by fruit salad and yoghurt.

Breakfast I am generally having oatmeal (porridge) for 3 points

I'm happy with how it's going, this week I went to the gym at our apartment complex on my own and managed 20 mins on the tread mill. Little and often is good for me with excercise and I really push myself to jog for longer and not just stop at X minute but go til I can't go no more!


Anonymous said...

Well done! Pleased to see that you have planned out your meals too :o)

my5bratz said...

good on you :0)