Thursday, 30 July 2009

Back to Life, Back to Reality

Well the parents and brother flew home yesterday. I hate saying is harder to separate my life here from them now - mentally I mean.

I keep looking for them in the pool or when I'm doing the grocery shop.

I've eaten out countelss times. Ech. Gotta get on scales.

Kind of an NSV even though I havent really lost any weight, I bought a 2 piece swim suit on our trip to the beach, the bottoms has a built in skirt to give my lumps a bit of modesty! I don't think I have work a two piece bathing suit in a long time. When we went to the beach in June I wore board shorts and a t shirt to cover up. I just felt like this one suited me so I didn't feel fat wearing it.

I just had to put the picture onto weight view, which takes 50lbs off the photo. Here is the result.
WOW! I want to look like that next beach season... I think it is in my capabilities but I need to be so so focused.

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Anonymous said...

You are becoming soooooooooo American!!! The words you use are changing for everday objects - such as bathing suit. Anyway, it looks good as you are now and will look fab 50lb down (although I reckon you'll be needing a new one by then)!!!!