Thursday, 2 July 2009

Help! I need somebody help!

Today I feel so hungry.

I think it is hormones. I hope it is only hormones and I haven't lost my motivation.

My parents arrive tomorrow and I think they brought me some Cadbury's. We can't get it over here. I haven't seen them for almost a year. I know they will be in holiday mode. Well I think so.

I feel torn right now between letting go and enjoying the time with my parents and staying on track. I could hear those little voices while I was in the supermarket....

Just forget a chocolate won't hurt....

I didn't and I'm not forgetting it. I'm just. Scared!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

you'll get through it! Break the choc up into squares and stick it in the freezer, then just have one at a time as a treat and you'll be ok.

I'm sure it will be fantastic to see your parents so enjoy it but also make sure you come and update us with how you are getting on.