Friday, 10 July 2009

Weigh in 3

I knew it would not be good but I want to at leas continue to see this through.

Start Weight 237lbs BMI 38.2

Weigh in 1 June 27th 234.2lbs BMI 37.8 loss 2.8lbs

Weigh in 2 July 3rd
233.8 lbs loss 0.4lbs
Weigh in 10 July 235.4lbs Gain 1.6lbs
Total loss 1.6lbs

It's ok. I've eaten out twice with desert. I've eaten many many fudge bars and Dairy Milk. But it Shared it as much as possible with others to minimise the damage.

Truthfully having family here is stressful I love them and I'm so happy to see them but they are staying in my apartment while we stay with awesome friends. There are too many peoples habits and routines clashing. As of now they don't have a car so I have to drive them anywhere they want to go. It is draining...they are here for 3 more weeks and have been here for one already.

Off to the Mall with them shortly. Have a good day.

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Anonymous said...

hello! I hope you are having a good time with your parents. It sounds difficult to have to stay with someone else and let them take over your flat. Good luck for weigh in. X.