Friday, 20 November 2009

you win none you lose all...

ah where to begin.

I got slack with my blogging and it is a little hard to think back.

Monday wasn't great - breakfast and lunch stuck to plan, then got home and took a nap, waking up only half an hour before going out to hear Daniel play so grabbed some veggie sticks (crisps) apple slices and I think cereal when I came home.

Tuesday...I am trying to think back....this is my punishment for not blogging it. I add it all up in notepad on the laptop...

Wednesday is where it fell apart. I got up so late I didn't eat a decent breakfast. Been so hungry (hormones) and went for a choc bar in the vending maching after school. Then went to good old panera bread. I had creamy tomato soup, mac and cheese and french bread. I also bought bagels - choc chip and apple danish bagels!

Thursday again was going fine until I slipped and hurt my knee and got taken by a staff member to urgent care to get it checked. She took me for ice cream - hot fudge Sundae.

So why am I surprised that I stayed the same? (Weigh in not til tomorrow but I had had enough and knew it wouldn't go well.)

Why does it feel like food rules my life?

Next week is Thanksgiving so that will be a washout too. I will try not to go crazy.

I am thinking after that (Nov 30) I will try fast start again.

I feel so fed up. But I know it's all on me.

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