Friday, 13 November 2009

cmon cmon cmon cmon take that! (and party)

ok, so I am going to do fast start which means dropping to 22 points for the week.

I did some grocery shopping tonight and I got bagels, jelly, yoghurt, bread thins (see pic) whole weat pasta, some fresh veggies to go with the pasta, eggs, (I used to HATE eggs, love em now) some veggie protein for sandwiches and jacket potatoes.

I need to get some fruit too I guess, will probably do that at a different store though.

The tough part for me is how my day is....

breakfast is at 6am...lunch at school is 10.20am. so then when I get home - 3 - 4pm I am usuallly needing a snack! I usually eat dinner around 7pm and bed by to I combat the snacking?

Fast start seems to be based on 3 meals a day....

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Anonymous said...

Hooray! Fast Start IS based on three meals a day and you snack on fruit only. That way you get your goodness and still get to snack.

Remind me how you became veggie again?