Saturday, 27 March 2010


Today I got my 5% (12lbs total). I lost 2.2lbs taking my overall loss to 12.6lbs. I am chuffed. Only thing I am not chuffed about is I had set this as my goal online so I got the whole 'you got to goal message' and it will not let me reset my goal now I have reached it. Which is irritating me greatly.

Edited to add - I got around by making my weight higher, changing the goal, then logging the actual weight again!

Money has been tight due to a whole bunch of reasons so probably has contributed to my loss this week as everything had to be planned out and budgeted and I don't have money to go buy whatever I fancy.

Here's to next week...then I am off to San Francisco...hmm. How to avoid putting on there? Ideas?

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