Saturday, 13 March 2010

Weigh in week 7

Today I lost 0.6lbs. Yep, that's it. At least it was a loss I guess.

Current Weight 233.4lbs (16st 9.4)

I made a decision today to stop binging at the weekend - every weekend I buy chocolate or something like that I eat eat eat. This weekend I am not doing that. I hope it will make a difference.

Only made it to the gym once again. My life is so hectic. 3 more weeks of after school tutoring and I will be more free after school to go more often. This week I am going to go on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday and on one of these days I want to try a swim and of course follow it with the jacuzzi.

I went to Aldi today (had forgotten how cheap it can be) and bought all this for $13..4 yogurts, wholeweat pasta, cereal, pasta sauce, sweetcorn, kidney beans, stewed tomatoes, bag of apples, strawberries, rice cakes...I think that's it. The flights home took it out of us a bit this month, well it would have if expedia had actually taken the payment correctly but that is another story!

Staying to the meeting definitely helped me stay motivated. A woman there today had lost 20lbs in 7 weeks, I was like why can't that be me?!

I'm also re reading diet girl for the third time. So inspiring and funny.

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Anonymous said...

Well done on your loss - I know that it isn't as much as you would have wanted but at least it is going in the right direction.

Sounds like you are so busy!