Saturday, 27 March 2010

money money money

I needed to get some thoughts here I go.

Basically we have had a rough time financially...we paid for our flights home to the UK...expedia took forever taking the payment but on the day they did take it, to cut a long story short, the flights got taken first and then every transaction I had made over the weekend got charged a fee of $35 each, and there were 6 transactions. I spent the week on the phone playing phone tag with the bank and getting passed on from person to person. Finally I got someone who was willing to refun about half the charges which was better than nothing at this point. With the extra tutoring I had done this month I would at least be on an even keel again.

Daniel had been paid last week so I had been carrying his card around to pay for stuff. Well I only managed to use the wrong card to pay for milk, getting us another charge. I feel so so stupid and so sorry.

In haste, I canceled my ww account.(I am paid up to April 14th) Firstly because I didn't want the payment to give us another charge and because I wanted to make up for my mistake. We are desperately trying to save for our return to the UK and we were hoping to visit Seattle before we go. Everything seems like it is against us.

I am tax free (do not pay tax on my wages) other than FICA which I have paid since Jan 2010. I can claim this back though but not until next year I believe. This totals over $1500.

We have to get our taxes done next week which isn't cheap either. I'm hoping and thinking D may claim back at least the cost of the preparation. We are not allowed to file online as non resident aliens. I can't claim anything back as i don't pay it in the first place.

So all these things seem to be against me financially...and I am mad at myself for a silly mistake.

I want to be able to afford to keep on with ww. My scales are usually weighing me at 1.2lbs lighter than wws but they do seem to drop accordingly.

I love....tracking online, the people at my meeting, my leader who knows me more personally now, and the boost it gives me to go. I like getting stickers and rewards. I'm hoping to be able to reinstate my membership.

So all in all kind of on a downer. :-(

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