Saturday, 8 May 2010

Since you've been gone...

I managed a loss this week of 1.4lbs. I was excited midweek because my scales were showing an awesome loss to be proud of. I guess I shouldn't weigh mid week. I can only think that as we went out last night too much diet coke was still in my system, and usually Friday night I am in bed so early which may have thrown me off.

My magic loss number to feel really happy is 2lbs...I don't know why, it just sounds good to me.

At least I'm back in double figures with an 11lb loss, but not up to my 5% again (12lbs) or my highest loss (13lbs). I have 6/7 weigh ins left and I would love it if I could get my 10% of 24lbs before we fly home to the UK. Might be a tall order though considering the way things have gone for me. I'm trying not to focus too hard on where I wish I was by now. It's depressing.

I am feeling awful suffering badly with allergies which are in turn giving me sinus problems. I feel really crappy.

Here are some inlaw visit photos for you...

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