Sunday, 23 May 2010

First things first. I did not go to weigh in this week. I know, shame on me. We went to watch Cardiff City attempt (and sadly fail) to get into the premier league. What? I hear you say? Not good enough? Well if you knew my husband it was a good enough reason. I am so very sad and disappointed for him and for me too, I had got really into it and will continue to support the bluebirds.

I did weigh on my own scales and they showed a loss of 1lb. There are 3 more weigh ins for me, as one week we are in Seattle. It could be 4 if i weigh on June 26th, 2 days before we go back to the UK for good. Well, nothing is for good - for a while! I want to continue in the UK - probably with the US plan because the calculator I have is for the US plan. Don't think I can afford to join a meeting in the UK as I won't have a job though I hope to get some summer supply work in nurseries or something. I am really condireing posting my scales home as I like that they weigh to .1 of a lb.

Immediately following the match was Daniel's leaving party with his colleagues and friends from hi work, and I have to say food galore. There were pizzas (homemade by Daniel) pastas, veggie burgers (they did a veggie theme just for us) pineapple pudding, and cherry pound cake. I also drank a lot of cans of coke (3 points each here!) and ate my heart out so to speak. It was a lovely event but I must now get on track and I have been baaaad. And also they gave us the cokes as they don't drink them and they are all sitting in my fridge! ARGH!

I have so much to do, both at home and at school. Its about 5 weeks to go and much to get done with the apartment and so on.

Here are some pics from the leaving do.

pound cake

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