Saturday, 15 May 2010

Keep running up that road, keep running up that hill

This week I Lost 2lbs, taking me to 228.2lbs (16st 4.2lbs) and my joint lowest weigh since I began. I was secretly hoping I would get my lowest weigh and usurp my previous one but it was not to be.

My week...

1. I have tracked every day except one, but in my head I was pretty sure I was ok...

2. I went to the gym once - I have been unwell all week with either a cold/allergies which have really taken to my chest. It was a struggle at the gym because my chest really hurt.

3. Went out for dinner once to Jason's deli. At first I was thinking..mmm the portobella mushroom pasta...but being the smart cookie that I am, I checked the nutritional values and at 945 calories, 64g fat and 13g or fiber it was 23 points. Ummmm no. So I had the salad bar, mostly 0 point veg, no dressing, couple of table spoons of potato salad and pasta salad, a few nuts/dried fruit etc. I'm glad I checked first!

4. I had some lovely encouragement this week. Firstly, my husband Daniel sent me a sweet email, telling me how pretty I am and how much I deserve success at this. Also a colleague said to me 'How much weight have you lost?' Not even 'have you lost weight?' But HOW MUCH HAVE you lost? So both compliments really touched me.

How has your week been?


Lozzie said...

That's great Kit, well done! Definitely a good job you checked the NV's on the Mushroom Pasta, 23 WOW!!! And how sweet is your Hubby?!!?

Hope your chest feels better soon hun and well done on your loss :) x

Anonymous said...

that was a close call with the pasta!!!!!!!