Tuesday, 30 June 2009

well I gotta have faith

Well today I am ... not struggling but feeling very peckish! I think it is because of the reason us girls do get peckish once a month... I am desperately trying not to give in.

Last night we went to our friends house and they had made carrot cake cupcakes. I'm sorry to say I ate 2, and then some cereal when I got home. Think I was over my points by 3 so will have to either go to gym or swim to work them off.

I decided to enter my picture to weightview.com - they will edit your picture to show how you will look if you lose 50lbs. I first saw the idea on Alice's Blog.

Here is how mine turned out.

Yesterday while grocery shopping I cam across these.

I am keeping them frozen so I don't scoff the lot. I cannot afford to get to into the low cal chocolate options or I will lose control!! They are 2 points each.

All I have had so far is scrambled egg on toast....made by hubby Daniel so unsure how to point it!

Any ideas?

Have a great day.


Anonymous said...

Your weightview pic turned out well!

You need to find out from D how many eggs he used, work out how much toast you had and if he put butter on the toast and in the egg. The milk used probably isn't worth counting...

Kit said...

I have counted the toast/butter.

It was 2 eggs.