Saturday, 3 January 2009

here we go....!

My official weigh in of the new year weighing in at...

227lbs exactly.

Which makes total (though slow) loss of 5.8lbs.

Im glad to have not put on over Christmas. and lost an extra 0.4lbs.

I haven't so much been counting points as eating properly, though I am very surprised to not have put on over Christmas. A lot of this has to do with tight budget and really planning for what we are going to eat.

I'm using my American points calculator as my food diary / points count as it deducts the points you use. So far I've had toast with light spread (3pt) and 2 satsumas (1pt).

I need to find more out about the American 'flex' points which is apparently 35 points a week for eating out etc. I'm not sure about using too many of those!

I will take measurements and photos later today.

. We went to the gym yesterday at our apartment, I didn't do an awful lot just a job and the cross trainer, going to try to do that 3 times a week.

So here I go...wish me luck

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