Saturday, 10 January 2009

Weigh in Number one

Not really a big loss.

Loss this week. 0.8lb

Total loss - 6.6lbs

Doesn't sound like much at all. My body fat percentage went down by 2 percent or so so that cheered me up as I've been doing my best at the gym.

It's hard because we are literally buying bread and milk and eating pasta type things that we have left in the cupboard. I have literally no money to buy what I am craving - fruit salad, yoghurt! I wish I did.

I will keep doing the best I can with what I have, plus try to drink even more water. Hopefully I will reach the half a stone mark next week at least.

This week I vow to

Drink more water

Keep it up with the gym (I jogged a whole 2 minutes, then a whole 4 minutes - I have never done that before)!

Be vigilant with the ww calculator.

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