Saturday, 16 January 2010

D Day

Well I am back from the meeting and it went well. Very different to my UK experiences so I will tell you all about it.

The meeting is held in a weight watchers Center, really about the size of a small store. As you come in through the door you line up at the desk to weigh. This is all computerized including the scales. The scales are linked to the computer so you don't see your weight flash up on the screen, the subtley print it off for you and I didn't hear them telling people you lost this or you gained that, they just seemed to stick the sticker on (printed by the computer) and add it to your card. I could be wrong I guess as i was pretty focused on taking it all in, but I didn't hear them telling people their loss or gain which I kinda like.

My start weight is 241.2lbs which about matches my scales give or take about half a lb.

A healthy weight for me would be 155lbs. Long way to go.

That is 17.2 stone? I can't believe that. If I have calculated correctly I have never been this heavy. This hurts. Hopefully next week I wil be out of the 17 range.

My 5% goal is 12lbs, my 10% 24lbs.

My leader's name is Amy and she is very cool, I liked her a lot. Class today was about 'filling foods' and of course the new members introduction afterwards.

The plan is quite different to the UK. To calculate points (as I think i have said before) you take the calories, total fat grams (not saturated) and grams of dietary fiber. The foods high in fiber are lower in points. You have 35 'eating out points' which Amy says are there IF you need them - like for a special event or something that comes up - she insists you will lose weight whether you eat them or not. I'm skeptical but I want to embrace this plan fully - I am so complacent about the UK plan these days which leads to estimating points and not bothering too much.

I am already loving have the e- tools, it is right up my street, I just love it, so effortless to track.

At the center they have a little store in there with many ww products. Today Amy gave us a sample of the peanut butter bliss bars, one point and really yummy. Will have to buy a box next week.

So all in all, I'm excited and glad I have done this and joined up. Here I go!

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Anonymous said...

I am really proud of you, you are about right with the conversion and it is great that your goal
for this week is to get under the 17. Good luck Katie, I believe in you.