Wednesday, 27 January 2010

gym bunny

Today I was determined I was going to use the gym. The little gym in my apartments.
I gt home. got change went over there and it was packed. It is TINY. Two buddies were running on the 2 treadmills. So i got on the one ike and cycled for 20 minutes, def worked my legs they were aching, but it just doesn't get my heart rate up like running does. So i jogged around the apartment complex...I actually dont enjoy running in the outdoors - I get distracted. I need the timer.

So i have booked a gym tour for tomorrow. It is so close to school I can go on the way home if I choose to become a member. I get to work out too so I will give it a try! It works out at $30 (18 pounds) a month and no joining fee, no contracts etc. Sounds promising! It also has a pool which seems a rarity around here. Oh and classes! Including Latin Dance! Fun!

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