Saturday, 2 January 2010

ok people, need your advice pleeeease

Should I be counting points and weighing in until I go to class on Jan 16th?

Or just make Jan 16th the 'new start'.

I don't know which to do.


Anonymous said...

I can see a benefit of starting now with points and weighing but then you don't get your start weight on your WI card when you officially start it you get what I mean? Haha, its going to be up to you but I think I might decide to "enjoy" myself until the 16th as then the new start will have a nice impact...hmmmm. Hard one to decide.

Victoria said...

Hmmm, I would start now. I mean why not? Cause of the Weight watchers recorded weight? I can understand why you would ask but there is not time like the present. Hasn't everyone had enough 'enjoying themselves' over xmas and new year?

Good luck with your weight loss and I hope you do well.