Saturday, 24 April 2010

10 days with the In Laws

So I weighed in today lost 0.8lbs. I'm kinda OK with it, I only really thought about WW from Wednesday when I rejoined. I do feel like I need to step it up, my weight loss isn't moving quite as fast as I would like it to. I know 'slow and steady wins the race but I currently have an overall loss of 11.6lbs and I'm not quite at my 5% of 12lbs and also my highest loss point was 13lbs.

I guess I will have to analyze my behaviors and work to improve them.

Hmm. What to change? This week my inlaws SHOULD arrive Monday. I believe they come bearing Easter Eggs. This will be hard to resist especially as Chocolate is just not the same in the USA (sorry USA readers). Plus with their visit will come, I'm sure Eating Out. So this will be a huge challenge. They will be here for 10 days.

Here are some thoughts for how I can stay on plan.

1. Go back to eating oatmeal and blueberries for breakfast. I have been eating cereal which, if I am honest, I never measure. If I'm even more honest I like cereal as a snack in a big old bowl, and I count it as 3 points. Um NO!

2. Keep taking salad for lunch. I have been taking salad for lunch lately, chopping up peppers, cucumbers, carrots and whatever else I have. I have a 0 point spray dressing so it is great to spend 0 points on lunch. I usually take a 2 point yogurt, an apple, and some kind of cereal bar (2) so spend around 5 points on lunch.

3. Gym I will have to try to sneak in gym visits while they are here to keep the damage down. This will be tough as they are here during our regular working week, so I'm sure I will be needed at home for the car to take them places, but I have to try to sneak in at least some cardio.

Any other ideas friends?

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