Sunday, 18 April 2010

I fell right through the I'm trying to get back...

Hi all. Guess the song title I used as my blog post today?

In ways it hasn't been a good week for me, I new I was not going to be weighed in by weight watchers. Seriously, this seems to have some kinda of effect on my brain that tells me it's ok to grab a chocolate bar anytime I go to the store. And not even a small one.

I haven't been able to renew my ww pass yet. At the moment it looks like I might have to do it when I get paid on the 30th. But up until that time, I don't want to undo my hard work so it's time to get back on track now. I hate not having my online tracker to help me. I really miss it and will get it back as soon as possible.

It's been a very odd week - with both stress as my in laws were due to fly out on Friday to visit us (including for Daniel's 30th birthday) anf or course, a volcano in iceland chose to deposit a bunch of ash into their airspace. I know, as many people have commented, that it is better to be safe than risk an accident. Of course I KNOW that. I am just gutted for them as they had put so much into the trip and are so disappointed. They are re - booked for Wednesday but I am not hopeful that will work out either as the stuff shows no sign of moving off.

There have also been some emotional things going on with my family and I think all these things combined with 'no weigh in' lead me back to old habits. And I can tell you, my body does not feel good as a result. I feel sluggish, my digestion isn't right and even my skin feels off. Time to fix that and be on track.

I don't trust my own scales. They say that this week I have lost 2lbs putting me at 226.8lbs - though they usually weigh me a little lighter than ww, I always use them to just a loss or a gain. I just don't know how it can be correct...after the way I have eaten this week. Another reason I miss Weigh Ins. Maybe I will have to go back sooner. Just don't know if that is financially possible.

Either way, time to be on track.

Daniel's 30th was yesterday, and aside from him having an awful cough as the result of a cold, and the fact the in laws didn't make it, we had a good day. His team, Cardiff city, won their game assuring them a place in the play offs for the premier league. We have awesome bagels (as always) from Owen's, we lounged around. We had a lovely dinner at Aria, a Tuscany grill, the food was gorgeous. To end the day, we kindly got given comp tickets to see the musical 'Jersey Boys' at Daniel's place of work. It is the story of The Four Seasons - think 'Sherry' 'Oh what a night' 'walk like a man' etc. It was a good day.

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