Friday, 9 April 2010

I is has a sad

I dont really want to go to ww tomorrow. My scales seem to be saying I have put on at least a couple of pounds...that'ss be the banana split...starbucks etc etc. I thought we had done so much walking that I would be ok or kinda ok. Guess not.

I know I have to face the music though to get back on track.

I also still have to decide if I am going to renew my ww pass. I would like to. I can't do it on my own plus my scales are soooo not reliable. Also right now the display seems to be messed up - I can't read it clearly it is all faint.

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Gemma said...

Oh my word that looks tasty!! I always go to meetings even after a bad week, otherwise one bad week becomes 2, then 3 etc. I go off the rails if i dont keep going. Good luck with what you decide xx