Saturday, 10 April 2010

Lets face the music and dance

So I went to ww and gained 2.2lbs.

I'm kinda OK about it, I was hoping for no more than a gain of 3 to keep me over the 10lb mark.

After a lot of financial discussions and calculations I think I will renew my ww monthly pass. I love my leader and my meeting people and I want to make the most of it while I can. I still have 11 potential weigh ins though for one of them I may be (HOPEFULLY) in Seattle if all works out as the numbers add up.

So here I go, back on track and hoping this time next week I will be posting a loss here.

Did i mention we did a whole lot of walking in San Fran. Totally hilly - the downhill was actually harder than the up hill because I have weak ankles and had to keep my balance - it was not easy and boy did I feel it in my muscles. It was worth it for these views...


Anonymous said...

Well I think you have done incredibly well to only gain that!! I guess the hills must have helped. Lovely photos by the way :o)

Kit said...

Daniel really encouraged me to walk walk walk especially on one day i actually thought I might pass out at one point! But it was my favorite day of the trip!