Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Help! Trying to keep it together.

So I miss my e tools badly. I aim to get them back when I get paid. They really keep me in check. I just did a quick add up of my food today including dinner and I am looking at being over points by about 1.

I want to do this. I feel helpless without ww but right now I can't reinstate it into my life. Actually, maybe there is a way. I could use some money from savings on the promise that I put it right back when I get paid in about 10 days time. I don't want to fall off the wagon. I'm going to discuss this with Daniel right now! I don't want what I have achieved to fall by the wayside. I really really don't!

Edited - we decided I should just do it! So I am about to. I have missed it. I am hopeless at keeping on track by myself.

On Monday I went to the gym with my friend Amy and boy did she work me hard. We did the treadmill for cardio and then she ran us through some paces of...well how to describe it? Like bicycles lying on our backs and leg raises and all sorts. Also weights! That's good as I need to tone up badly as well as losing weight. My body took it hard and is still aching! It was very weird, the next day driving to school I could FEEL my stomach muscles trying to stabilize me as I went around corners! I could feel those muscles working!! I maywell run through those paces myself before I get in the shower in a little while.

In other news the in laws have been trying to make it over here and were due on the 16th, they are now due on Monday and as flights have resumed I am hopeful. I know they come bearing Easter Eggs which is a little worrying...

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like a good plan to get back to class, especially as they seem to be very cool in America compared to the UK! I hope that D's family make it at some point, it must be really frustrating for you all.