Saturday, 17 October 2009

I'm only sleeping...

I am really down.

I started off the week well. Actually, I was barely hungry. Had a migraine sunday night and stayed off school Monday. I felt so sick with it I was not really eating a whole lot.

Then as the week went on I made some mistakes. Buying a bag or 2 of mini twixes for my class was one - I must have eaten a fair few myself. And I am being kind to myself here.

On Thursday night - well afternoon - I fell asleep at 4pm in the arm chair. By 5pm I was in the bed. I awoke once or twice to eat (veggie hot dog) but I can hardly describe the exhaustion I felt. I slept all night til 5.30am - 13 hours of sleep. I can only say it was exhaustion. Every muscle in my body hurt. I felt drowsy, like I had been drugged. I also felt like my body had been hit by a car or that I had run a marathon. I am stil recovering from that - my body still aches and I feel weak.

I can only presume that it is medical exhaustion. I did have a few rough nights sleep this week but still.

Friday night my friend came over and we had pizza - as in take away. Oops. It was yummy I have to say but I know deep down I prefer Daniel's homemade pizza.

This blog shouldn't really be called a journey because I feel like I am going nowhere.

I don't know how to address the exhaustion. I HAVE to be up at 5am ish. Some days I have to get Daniel from work as late as 10 or later becasue he doesn't drive...or i take a nap when I get home...

Having said all this I just got on the scales (I heard Bryher's voice in my head...) and they put me and 234.6lb wich is a 2lb loss.

I don't get it. I can only think the exhaustion and lack of eating at the start of the week helped me out. I am a little worried about my scales as I weighed a few times and it went up and 1lb then back down. I decided just to take the first reading and change the batteries very soon.

I know I need a plan of action...

1. I will try to come on daily to evaluate the day to keep me on track rather than weekly.

2. I am terrible for cramming a cereal bar (chocolate coated, 3 points) into my mouth when I am hungry. I need more fruit and veg in my diet.

3. I will keep attempting the excercise. It just hasn't happened this week. The exhaustion reigned.

If you are reading I would love to hear from you...

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