Monday, 19 October 2009

things can only get better...

Today I took the afternoon off school - well 10.30 onwards as we start at 7 - and popped along to the 'minute clinic' in a local pharmacy.

They said it is a virus going round with this whole fatigue thing and to wait it out. If after 7 days there is no improvement I will get blood taken (uh oh. kinda hate needley stuff) to check nothing more serious is going on.

I came home and slept for a few hours. I ate the left over ratatouille for lunch - which turned out well by the way - and only about a point for the kidney beans I added for protein.

I think I will stay off tomorrow. Being truthful, I know I need to as so far I don't feel improvement. I feel like someone beat me up and just so so weak all over. I really hate missing school to be honest, for many reasons. I love my kids. I get behind on everything. But I think I have no choice. I am feeling really down about it all and I just want to be well.

So far, food wise, it is 6.45pm and I have only had 10 points...I have 3 saved from yesterday too. I am struggling to eat them all - how rare for me to have no appetite.

OOOH jut remembered I had a doughnut today - they brought them round at school. Better go find out the points...4 apparently. Not too bad.

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