Saturday, 10 October 2009

truth? I'm going nowhere.

Did you know that a Starbucks signature hot chocolate is 10 points! I have had more that one of those this week....oh wow.

Anyway this journey has hit a huge bump - and very early on as I have not really got anywhere.

No one to blame but me...

Work is exhausting - not an excuse - but we have more kids and less help from assitants due to all the budget cuts we have had. I feel like I am scrambling through the day and this is taking a toll on me. I eat whatever is convenient - not fast food or anything but snack all day, take long naps, never excercise.

I stay in bed as long as possible - my alarm goes off around 5.15am and I snooze and snooze andjust about get to school on time.

I got on the scales last week to see a pound on. I didn't even bother getting on this week.

I have asked hubby to go with me on walks or to the gym. I hope this will give me more energy.

I mean how can I even expect a result? I haven't pointed or excercised. Not to mention the starbucks thing.

It's like in my mind, I know what I need to be doing and so on. My body just isn't complying.


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Anonymous said...

I think you need to weigh yourself and start afresh. Maybe cold turkey from Starbucks will be a good start and if you can walk with D that would be good too.

Are you maybe sleeping too much? Or do you think maybe your anaemic or your thyroid levels might be a little low? They can both lead to excessive tiredness - might be worth getting checked out but I presume you have to pay for that?