Sunday, 11 October 2009

wasn't as bad as I thought...

I read Bryher's comment this morning and decided she was right - I did need to get back on the scales.
I was actually surprised - 236.6lbs - I think the last time I got on it was 238 and something.

So at least I'm not over my start weight I guess.

I went to the whole food, organicy kind of store last night and bought some fresh soups, clementines (only place i have seen them here) sugar snap peas (same) and am trying to make an effort now.

I guess the Starbucks will HAVE to go....

I don't think I have anything physical making me so tired - I go to bed around 10pm and my alarm goes off around 5.15am...maybe if it continues I will go check it out.

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Anonymous said...

Tell you what, I wouldn't survive well on that little sleep. I'd suggest going to bed half an hour to an hour earlier but I guess that is hard with D and his theatre job. Well done for getting on the scales, I'm proud of you.