Sunday, 25 October 2009

please take me...ouuut tonight...

If you haven't realized it already, almost all of my titles are song titles or lyrics.

Anyways, Friday night we decided to go out with my USA BFF Amy, and another friend and colleague. It was the same group from our beach trip in the summer and it was fun to hang out. We went for dinner at panera bread. I had tomato soup and half a tomato mozarella panini. They have a cool deal called 'you pick two' where you can choose 2 items from their salads, soups and sandwiches. It is one of my favorite places to go. What I had totalled about 15 points, but I had not spent many points during the day. I took crackers and cheese to school for lunch and the crackers were really bothering my cough so I didn't eat much.

Friday was the day I felt on the upside of my illness. On Thursday, I had texted Daniel from school, a simple :-(. I was not feeling good. Friday I texted :-) as i felt so much better. Having said that as soon as the kids left I felt tired and took a nap from 2.15pm - 6pm. I couldn't believe how long I slept!

After dinner we hit the bowling alley and the bar all at once. I was driving so just had one drink malibu and coke - and then a yummy strawberry slushy kinda thing...a Daquirie without the alcohol. I usually suck at bowling and tonight was varied, I had everything from a zero score to a strike. But I really enjoyed being out and doing something.

Saturday was weigh in day and I was happy with 2lbs loss. Hopefully I can maintain it now and keep losing. I have to admit to not being very good on the weekends...I will have to fix that up quick!

I have been feeling a little is hard to explain. I feel almost homesick - not so much for people but for the place itself. I feel like I am in a rut of get up at 5 - go to work - come home - take d to work - sit around - go get Daniel - go to bed and do it all over again. I have been teary lately and I think this is why. I need to make an effort to be doing things I enjoy when we or I have the time to do so. I also would love a break away - we have bee talking about Thanksgiving or Christmas but no definite idea or plan yet.

I am still not 100% and keep getting bouts of lethargy...if they remain with me I will go get some blood tests to see whatis going on. Still a bit of a cough going on too, and a chesty one at that! Tonight we went for an early evening walk which was lovely, I can't tell you where we ended up. Any guesses?!

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Anonymous said...

sounds like you are having a good time and well done on the 2lb loss :o)

glad to hear you are almost over the lurgy.