Saturday, 13 February 2010


called ww (at least I figured that out rather than traipsing in the snow) and it is canceled. Second time in 3 weeks. M scales show a slight gain from last week which has really bummed me out. I could only say that I have not made good choices all week, many events at school this week eg valentines treats and I have guessed some of the points I guess. Back to strictness tomorrow.

I find it so tempting to take WI day (Sat) 'off'. Does anyone else do this?


Anonymous said...

Very frequently I take WI day off - I calculate my points for each week based on my loss or gain at WI so the day after WI is the start of my next pointing week - this means I have an excuse to have some treats - its a Wednesday eve though so nothing too amazing normally!!

KJ said...

I buy the WW chocolate bars and try to nake them last till the next W but I always fail! at least I know exactly how many points I am consuming! I am eating lots of no point soups for lunch at the moment so I am finding that helpful. :)