Thursday, 18 February 2010

some things to think about

This week I have been struggling with hunger...and I think it is my fault for the way I use my points. I got up around 6am today and on getting home at 3.30 I had only used 10.5 of my 29 points and i was so hungry.

I tend to eat either cereal or oatmeal and blueberries for breakfast - around 2 - 3 points, today I ate sandwich thins with a little low fat cheese (3.5) and a yogurt (1) and I ate a little treat size snickers (2 points).

Also this week I have not made as many meals to take the next day to school for lunch and I don't think the sandwich thins filled me up yesterday or today. I'm talking about feeling REALLY hungry.

I also take vitamins and B12 and all that good stuff.

This week I have felt so exhausted - on waking up at 5.30 I just want to cry, and I have been going to bed around 9pm. I'm wondering if I really need to redistribute my points better and eat more filling meals in the day time, not just use all my points at night. I haven't even made it to the gym this week at all, though I am going tonight when I drop Daniel at work in an hour or so.

I feel just a bit kinda down...bored maybe. I need some ideas for breakfasts and lunches. For lunch all I have is a microwave and barely 20 minutes to make and eat something. Help!

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Linz M said...

I think maybe you need to eat your points more evenly during the day. I tend to use half my points on breakfast and lunch and the other half for my evening meal.

What about soup for lunch? I find it really fills me up. I also like pasta (hot or cold) and lately I've been blasting a packet of stir fry veg in the microwave for a few minutes with a bit of soy sauce (admittedly not as good as if you fry it but still tasty) and having that with my sandwich or whatever to bulk things out and fill me up a bit more.