Saturday, 27 February 2010

Weigh in 6

Weight - 232.8lbs (16st 8.6)
Loss - 1.2lbs
Total loss 8.6lbs

I'm pretty ok with this loss. On Friday I took what people call 'a mental health day' - which means taking a day off work to regather and regroup and relax. It doesn't mean I am crazy or anything.
So I decided to go to the Friday weigh in at 12.30pm so if Daniel and I chose to go out to eat on my day off that it wouldn't impede my weigh in. I just wanted to make the most of the day.

Did I really step it up this week? No I don't think I di so much. I was good with the weekly points using only 4.5 of the 35 on offer. I only made it to the gym once. I don't think I really up- ed my water intake either. So I'm happy to have lost. All i feel like I can do is keep recommitting to step it up.

So on to 'the day off'. I went to Starbucks straight after weigh in haha. We went to the movies (we saw Crazy Heart - it was ok) but I only got a fruit iced bar (like 2 points) then we ate out in the evening at one of our favorite bars called 'Tavern on the Tracks'. We shared fried Portobella Mushrooms for an appetizer, I ordered a black bean burger on pitta with mashed potatoes. However it was so spicey I couldn't eat a lot of it, so Daniel and I switched some parts of our dinner! I ate his garlic bread and some of his spinach linguini and some fries too. I also had cheese cake for desert. OOPsy!

In other news I bought a new game for the wii called 'Just Dance.' I haven't tried it out yet but it is supposed to be a good workout!!

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